DIY Batmobile (Standard Kit)

DIY Batmobile (Standard Kit)

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  • Assemble and code your own working Batmobile!
  • Drive either autonomously or remotely 
  • Included camera gives you real-time, first person views on the included controller
  • Assembly required but no soldering in this Standard version
  • ULTIMATE PACK (#3157795) also available

Build and Drive Your Own Batmobile

Learn coding and electronics as you build an autonomous Batmobile worthy enough for the Caped Crusader! From electronic enthusiasts to tech newbies, you will get everything you need to build your Batmobile and the hand controller. Teach your Batmobile to recognize and track objects as you control your rechargeable vehicle or let it drive autonomously. See in real-time what your Batmobile sees through the included video camera.

Become Bruce Wayne with this kit while you learn to build, code and control the highest tech product that Scientifics Direct has ever seen. No soldering required with this STANDARD version. Charging time approx. 2hrs. Play time approx. 20 mins.Tools not included. For ages 7+.


  • CircuitMess Batmobile
  • Batmobile’s Controller
  • Batmobile drives autonomously
  • Can recognize and track objects
  • Wifi to connect to controller
  • A rechargeable battery for hours of play
  • Dual core processor (ESP32)
  • Four metal gearmotors
  • Camera to see what the Batmobile sees
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux

Also available:


Ultimate pack also includes:

  • Gyroscope and accelerometer snap -on module
  • Air pressure sensor module
  • Flashlight module
  • RGB LED module
  • Extender Module
  • Temperature and humidity sensor snap-on module
  • Breadboard magnetic snap-on module
  • Proto board module 
  • Soldering pro module


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