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Cybug - Solar Fly 2

Cybug - Solar Fly 2 (Click image to enlarge)

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Cybug Solar Fly 2 Robot

  • Skill level III (ages 12 and up)
  • Solar energy causes this fly to come to life
  • Basic hand tools, soldering iron, and about 2 hours to complete


Not Your Average Insect

The Cybug Solar Fly 2 is a lesson in robotics and a low maintenance pet all in one! This solar powered robot is easy to build and tons of fun to use. Once assembled, simply put your Solar Fly 2 in direct sunlight and watch it go! The Solar Fly has sensitive infrared eyes that cause it to always move towards the brightest object it sees and feelers to help navigate around obstacles. You can set up navigation courses for the Solar Fly using items found around your house and watch its path. It even has some short-term memory about objects it comes in contact with – almost like a mind of its own!

Though primarily fueled by the sun, Solar Fly 2's long vertical antennae can draw energy by “eating” at “feeding stations” that can be built from the included instructions. Once the Solar Fly 2 is built, building it a “habitat” can be just as fun.

Although this item is in the shape of a house fly, it does NOT fly in the air.

Requires basic hand tools, soldering iron and about two hours to complete. Skill Level III


SKU 3082403

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