Chatter - Build and Code Your Own Encrypted Wireless Communicator

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  • Build a set of 2 encrypted communicators that can send texts, emojis, memes and GIFs
  • Learn about encryption, coding and more
  • Use a set a publicly available frequency and the “LoRa” network

Build Your Own Security-First Texting Devices

Become an engineer and learn about coding, encrypted messages and private texting as you build 2 working communicators! Think walkie talks, but more practical – no one talks on the phone anymore.

Chatter is designed to show people that you can communicate free and remotely without the internet. It uses the so-called “LoRa” low-power wide-area network technology in order to send text messages, emojis, memes and GIFs.

The communicators use a publicly-available set of frequencies that are allocated for use cases like this one. With these frequencies, you’ll be able to send messages to the other communicator from 1 to 7 km away (depending on your surroundings). That’s over 76 football fields!

Build both and give one to your best friend, because texting yourself isn’t fun. Then you’ll be able to exchange texts, emojis, memes and even GIFs. Chatter also includes several other functions fun functions, including a friends list, chat color customization, profile avatars and notifications. Plus, the friend pairing allows you to connect with more than one other Chatter device.

For ages 14+.

Kit includes everything you need to assemble 2 communicators:

  • Circuit board with built-in network communication module and dual-core CPU
  • Antenna
  • Display board (160x128 TFT color display)
  • AAA batteries
  • Acrylic casing
  • Bag of miscellaneous small components such as resistors and pushbuttons
  • Instruction booklet with additional information

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