Chain Reaction Magnetic Accelerator

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  • 8.5” wood magnetic cannon
  • Serious demonstration of magnetic acceleration
  • Powered rare earth (neodymium) magnets

A Powerful Chain Reaction Demonstration

OK, OK, OK we know that NASA’s space shuttles weren’t equipped with Gauss rifles- but OURS is! Disguised in the shape of a rocket, this desk-top sized magnetic cannon is actually a serious physics demonstration of magnetic acceleration. Embedded between each stage are high powered rare earth (neodymium) magnets. Watch the chain reaction and transfer as energy as the steel balls collide with increasing intensity to launch the final steel ball projectile into the barrels. Includes 4 wood mini-barrels, and 9 steel marbles. Measures 8.5” x 5.5” x 1.75”.  Fun, yes, but NOT a toy! For serious enthusiasts only ages 14+.  

To start the chain reaction, a steel ball is released, which accelerates towards the first stage magnet. Like billiard balls, when it strikes the magnet, its energy is transferred through the magnet and spacer and into the projectile which speeds off toward the next stage.

The process repeats until the last projectile leaves the end of the device. The more stages an accelerator has, and the more powerful the magnets are at each stage, the faster the ball bearing will leave the final stage.

Also known as magnetic rifle, Gauss rifle, linear Gaussian accelerator, or linear chain reaction magnetic accelerator chain reaction magnetic accelerator, this magnetic accelerator is a chain reaction device, built in a series of stages, each containing a magnet, a spacer, and a projectile.

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