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Magniscope Kit, Carson Optical

Magniscope Kit, Carson Optical

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Kit, Magniscope, Carson Optical

One of the most unusual and useful magnifying instruments ever offered!

The Carson Magniscope is a 8 x 20 mm monocular, 3x magnifier and a 30x microscope. The heart of the kit is the palm sized, 8x20mm ultra-miniature precision monocular with a 288 foot field-of-view and adjustable focus from 6 feet to infinity that is perfect for sport or wildlife viewing.

Its companion piece is a 3x Lumiloupe™ stand magnifier with adjustable focus and a transparent acrylic base. The base allows ambient light to illuminate the subject being studied.

Threaded together, they form a 30x compact microscope.

From figures in the distance to the world at your feet, the Magniscope lets you see it all.

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