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Card-Mounted Diffraction Viewers

Card-Mounted Diffraction Viewers

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Card-Mounted Diffraction Viewers, 13,500 Grooves/in., Pkg/15, Double Axis (3001307)
$7.95 $5.93
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Card-Mounted Diffraction Viewers, 25,400 Grooves/in., Pkg/25, Single Axis (3039502)
$14.95 $12.93
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Transmission type, holographic diffraction grating is mounted in 2” x 2” cardboard slide mounts

Transmission type, double axis holographic diffraction grating is mounted in 2” x 2” cardboard slide mounts and can be used for the direct viewing and analysis of spectra from different gas tubes and other light sources.

With 13,500 line/in, the quality of the spectrum produced is the brightest possible with a minimum of distracting visual noise. These gratings are great for experiments pertaining to the study of light or color and ideal for classroom demonstration or to mount in a simple spectroscope.

Each has one square inch of diffraction grating exposed and can be used in conjunction with colored film gels for additive and subtractive color demonstrations.

Did you know?

Diffraction gratings “that is, an optical component that splits light into beams travelling in different directions“ exist in nature. James Gregory, the man who discovered the principles of diffraction gratings did so through by looking at bird feathers.

The iridescence of peacock feathers, mother-of-pearl and some butterflies are all caused by the principle of diffraction grating“ regular structures that diffract light, splitting it into its component colors.

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