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BulletCopter Missile Launching RC Helicopter

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- Launches 1 missile from each side of the helicopter - Built-in gyro makes it easy to fly - even for beginners - Allows you to fine turn your RC skills online!

15" RC Helicopter that Launches Missiles

The WebRC Bullet Copter is a 15" in radio control helicopter with two missile launchers that can be shot from the controller. Easy to learn how to fly and perfect for indoors flights, it can also be flown outdoors (with no wind/breeze). It comes with a helipad and multiple targets for practicing. The Bullet Copter also includes a MyWebRC webCard to unlock a virtual RC helicopter to fine tune your RC flying skills in an online 3d simulator/game. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

The two rotors, missile launchers, gyro technology, 3-channels (3D control/direction), and aluminum-frame makes it the perfect rc toy helicopter for very first time beginners who want a little bit more action on their rc flying adventure. The two rotors produce a gyroscopic effect that helps stabilize the helicopter. On top of this the Bullet Copter comes with a gyro which provides for amazing stability and control. From the remote you can make the helicopter move within 3 different channels: up/down, rotate left/right, and fly forward/backward. On the remote, you also get a button to shoot the left missile and another button to shoot the right missile. The remote also includes a trim knob to adjust for when the helicopter is rotating when hovering. It also includes a set of replacement blades (rotor / propeller), a spare tail-rotor(blade), two spare buckles, a mini screw driver and an AC charger.


Length: 15 in
Main rotor diameter: 13.25 in
Gross weight: 2.4 lb
Missile launcher: 2 x 3.5" missile launchers
Experience level: Beginner
Recommended environment: indoor or outdoor
Is assembly required? No
Battery: 3.7v 1000mAH (included)
Controller battery: 4 AA batteries
Charging time: 60 - 100 minutes
Flying time: 8 - 10 minutes
Flying Range: 80 - 100 ft
3 Channel control: up/down, left/right, and forward, backward 


1 x helicopter (w/ missile launcher)

1 x controller

1 x ac charger

1 x spare tail-blade (rotor)

2 x spare blades (rotor)

1 x helipad

4 x practice targets

4 x missiles

1 x MyWebRC webCard for access to rc game/simulator

1 x instruction manual

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