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Brainstring Houdini

Brainstring Houdini

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- Great knot challenge will keep even the most patient puzzler-solver fit to be tied

- If you do indeed solve it, you can easly re-set it and creat a new challenge

Houdini Could Free Himself From Anywhere- But Can You Do the Same?

The greatest escape artist of all time is all tied up, but he'll need YOUR brain power to wiggle out of the Brain-string knott. Your mission: arrange the puzzle so that no strings are wrapped around Houdini. Holding the colorful tips, move the strings through the tracks in the puzzle. Once you've organized the strings so that The Great One is completely untangled, create a knot around Houdini and set up a new challenge.

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Age Range 5 And Up
Price Range $10-$25

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