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Advanced Slidemaking Kit

Advanced Slidemaking Kit

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Slide, Advanced Making Kit For High School & University Level

For High School, University Level

This kit covers all the basics of slide making, along with the more involved process of staining specimens. Contains specimens, all stains and chemicals, mounting medium, coverslips, labels, droppers, magnifier, plain and concave slides, vials, forceps, spot plate, ruler, gloves, prepared slides and instructions.


Acetone (4 oz.), Xylene (4 oz.), Stains (2): Fast Green & Borax Carmine (1oz.), Differentiated (2 oz.), Isopropyl Alcohol (1 pt.), Mounting Medium (1 oz.), Microscope Slides (72), Cover Slips (100), Labels 5/8th x 5/8th (100), Lens Paper Book, Medicine Droppers (2), Single Edge Razor Blade (2), Magnifier, Concave Microscope Slide (1), Vials for specimen collection (3), Forceps, Spot Plate (1), Plastic Ruler, Large Pair of Gloves (1 pair), Prepared Slides (2), Book, Instruction Booklet, 95% Alcohol (2 oz.), Specimens: Fabric Threads, Dust, Cork, Foam, Salt, Preserved Insect, and Staining Specimens (2): Corn Section and Planaria.


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