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70mm Solar Filter (for 50-60 mm Optics)

70mm Solar Filter (for 50-60 mm Optics)

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- This black polmer solar filter can be fitted to 50mm-60mm optical devices

- Includes the required adhesive felt for properly fitting this filter to your particular device  

- Solar filters are required to safely view the sun or an eclipse through any telescope, binocular

Solar Filter for 50mm Binocular/Spotting Scopes

Perfect for adapting your 50mm optical telescope or binocular for the upcoming total solar eclipse this August, the Black Polymer full-aperture Solar Filter provides a more pleasing and natural Yellow-Orange image of the Sun and offer more contrast and clarity than other solar films.

Please note: The use of Felt Tape is included and necessary to custom fit these filters to the outside diameter of your particular 50mm optical device.

No returns accepted on this product after August 19, 2017.

How to Size this Solar Filter to Fit your 50mmTelescope or Binocular:

This solar filter cell fits over the outside of the telescope or lens holder. This is the same when covering a pair of binoculars or a finder scope. Measure the outside diameter (O.D) of the device and choose the filter size with the inside dimension (I.D.) of the cell larger than the lens holder. Do not choose a filter the same size as your O.D. This will be too tight and not allow room for the felt lining which you will use to tightly fit the filter to your device. Felt tape is included for custom fitting with each filter.

May be fitted to the following optical devices:


Celestron 52324 Landscout 30x50 with Backpack (item# 3155757)

Celestron 21010 Complete Optical Science Kit (# 3155608) – telescope only

Galileoscope (# 3152262)

BINOCULAR (requires the purchase of 2 Solar Filters)

Astroscan® Helion Binocular (# 7170155)

Celestron 72070 Porro Binocular 10x50 (item# 3155604)


Do NOT use telescope or finderscope to look at the sun without an appropriate solar filter (sold separately). Doing so will cause permanent and irreversible eye damage.

Never use an eyepiece filter as a solar filter. Only full aperture solar filters will completely cover the opening of the optical tube and provide proper eye protection.

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