Smart Dog

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*SOLD OUT IN 2022*

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  • Multi-interactive Smart Dog
  • Includes interactive remote and hand controller
  • 20-minute playtime

Control Your Own Stunt Smart Dog

With the cuteness of a dog and the movements of a stunt robot, this smart dog can be controlled with the included remote or hand controller. Your robot will make sounds while its eyes glow and complete 360-degree rotations and tricks with a press of your fingertip. The dual control allows you to complete tricks with the wrist control or make simple movements on the remote. Measures 8.8”x 9”x 9.8”. Requires 2 AA batteries. For ages 5+.

Includes:  Smart Dog, 7.4 1200mAh battery pack, USB recharger and instructions.


More Information
Price Range $50 - $75
Age Range 5 And Up

(No replacement parts)

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