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Review Writing Tips

We welcome your feedback about the products that we offer which can be shared with science enthusiasts. Please keep the following in mind when writing a review:

  • Please limit your review to a maximum of 1,000 words. Keep in mind that quality is always better than quantity. A review that gets right to the point will be most helpful to your fellow science enthusiasts.
  • Please write the make and model of the product you are reviewing in the review itself. This will help others to search for and find your opinions. Mentioning relevant specs and features will also help clarify which product you are referring to.
  • Please use punctuation. Reviews without commas, periods, etc. are difficult to read and will not be posted.
  • Reviews that focus on concrete features and your experiences in using the product are much more helpful than simply saying that you did or did not like an item. We welcome your comparisons with similar items. Rating a product in relation to similar items can often be very useful in helping other science enthusiasts choose the right item for their particular needs.
  • It's helpful to mention the context in which you used the product. For example, in reviewing a telescope, specifying what object you viewed as well as the specific environmental conditions can be very informative. Also, mentioning the kinds of science topics/disciplines you're into can help to qualify your comments for fellow customers.

Things to Avoid When Writing a Review

We believe that reading thoughtful feedback from fellow science enthusiasts can be a great tool when choosing products. To make this forum truly helpful, we ask that you avoid the following:

  • Offensive or abusive language. Please remember that others will be reading your review.
  • "Flaming" fellow reviewers, manufacturers, or retailers. A well-reasoned negative review is far more influential than simply blowing off steam.
  • Avoid one-word reviews. Specific details about your experience are much more useful.
  • Do not refer to other reviews that appear on the page. Such reviews and their placement on the page will change with time.
  • Do not include full name, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information.
  • Do not WRITE YOUR ENTIRE REVIEW IN CAPITAL LETTERS. These reviews are very hard to read and will not be approved.
  • Avoid references to specific availability, prices, and shipping as they change often.
  • Advertisements, "spam" content, or references to other products, offers, or web sites.
  • If you discover typos or other errors in either our Web or catalog descriptions, please do not post them in your reviews. Tell us about such problems by sending us an email at Customer Service.

Reviews that do not observe these guidelines will NOT be posted. We may edit reviews for clarity or brevity.

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