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Zecar Flywheel Car

Zecar Flywheel Car

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Though a simple car, this model offers tons of capabilities and possibilities for use. Its spring-less design enables movement with just a push. The vehicle keeps a steady pace and overcomes obstacles with tons of torque. To push Zecar, hold the front and the rear ends, not the sides, and gently give his wheels a spin by dragging them on a surface. You can choose to have the traction be the front, or the rear wheels. You can also slide him upside-down on his flywheel and two free spinning wheels.

Proceeds from this car go towards reforestation projects in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil to help restore part of the Atlantic Tropical Rainforest - so your purchase makes a difference too.

Colors are assorted and our choice.

Measurements : 3.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"

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