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AI Self Driving Car

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  • Completely assemble your own self-driving car in 4 hours
  • Use the most advanced technology available
  • Program the robot to maneuver small roads and identify objects
  • See what the car sees with the camera and LCD display

Create a Self-Driving Car of the Future

Self-driving cars aren't a new concept, but Wheelson is. Build and program a self-driving car ready to handle any road you put ahead of it. See the future first hand as you assemble this wheeled robot using the most advanced technology available. Assemble your own robot, learning every step of the way. Then you’ll be able to program it to drive on its own.

Connect the car to your computer and program it to maneuver small roads as you begin to understand computer vision, how computers understand digital images and videos. Learn more about robots as your robot learns how to recognize objects with its camera. Master how to calibrate your robot's camera and see what your creation sees with the LCD, full-color display. Even use it to scan a QR code!

Just like an electric, slef-driving car, Wheelson uses microcomputers and 4 electromotors to nagivagate and drive. Powered by a Li-Po (lithium polymer) battery, recharging is easy. Wheelson can also hook to WI-FI and has Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect your new friend to other devices. It even has headlights so you can keep going after dark!

Takes approximately 4 hours to build. Requires soldering (soldering iron not included). Completed car measures 7.5” x 5” x 2.8”. For ages 11+.

Includes everything you’ll need to assemble the car:

  • Main circuit board with a dualcore processor with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and battery charging circuit
  • Camera and headlights board
  • Display board 128*160 TFT color display
  • LiPo battery
  • 4 electromotors
  • Wheels
  • Robot’s plastic chassis
  • Bag of small components such as resistors, pushbuttons, nuts and volts
  • Detailed instruction booklet to guide you

Pair with ByteBoi - Build & Code Your Own Retro Game Console (#3157587) as a remote connected with bluetooth!

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