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Wave Form Helix

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- High Performance "StairMaster"

- Re-designed by scientists for scientists!

Remember How this Toy Performed When We Were Kids?

Find a stair case and unleash your inner child for hours of nostalgic fun! But wait! This is definitely NOT your average "run of the mill" version of a classic toy. We are scientists and we wanted an enhanced version specifically designed for scientists. This wave form helix has a higher spring rate constant (k for you Hooke's laws fans out there) that allows the coil to carry more mass than those currently on the market. More mass means more momentum which allows this toy to perform like that old version we all remember as kids. Performance matters. Just wait until you demonstrate this to your own children or grandkids!

  • The coil diameter is 3"
  • Closed length = 3.9"
  • Extension length = 9.8'.

SKU 3152914

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