Wave Form Helix

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  • High Performance "Stair Master"
  • Re-designed by scientists for scientists!
  • Coil diameter 3", Closed length 3.9", Extension length 9.8'

Remember How this Toy Performed When We Were Kids?

Find a stair case and unleash your inner child for hours of nostalgic fun! But wait! This is definitely NOT your average "run of the mill" version of a classic toy. We are scientists and we wanted an enhanced version specifically designed for scientists.

This wave form helix has a higher spring rate constant (k for you Hooke's laws fans out there) that allows the coil to carry more mass than those currently on the market. More mass means more momentum which allows this toy to perform like that old version we all remember as kids. Performance matters. Just wait until you demonstrate this to your own children or grandkids!

  • The coil diameter is 3"
  • Closed length = 3.9"
  • Extension length = 9.8'

From the Scientifics Brand Manager:

“I was with my daughter at the local Children's Museum (which happens to house the Toy Hall of Fame) checking out the great classic toys from my youth. The glass showcases lead to a platform with samples of many of these great toys to play with. The play area opens onto a grand staircase. This was my opportunity to relive my childhood and demonstrate for my daughter how the great 'spring toy' is supposed to work.  Another dad with his daughter saw us and we were challenged to a race. Fun, right? Unfortunately, the spring samples were made of plastic and neither of us were able to get the toy to ‘walk’ down a complete flight of stairs like we did as kids. How disappointing!  

I took my frustration back to work with me the next day and started making phone calls outside the toy industry. All great toys are demonstrations of scientific principles. Tops, gyroscopes, hand boilers, the floating ball pipe, the hula hoop – the list goes on and on. So I turned to a manufacturer that specialized in delivering high end demonstrations specifically to the education market. Their company is headed by accomplished engineers and staffed by former science teachers. They understand how to make a version of the spring toy that actually performs because they understand why it works. It is THIS metal version of a wave form helix that we proudly offer you at Scientifics. Let the staircase races begin! “   

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Age Range 8 And Up
Price Range $10-$25

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