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Vino Vault Wine Cryptex

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- Perfect gift way to accessorize your wine gift

- Fits most standard 750 ml bottles

- Throw a wine party centered around this puzzle!

Remember the secret bottle lock of "The Da Vinci Code"?

Given along with your bottle of fine wine, this bottle cryptex provides something totally unique – a fun way to accessorize your wine gift. The set-up of your personal five letter combination word is fairly simple. Taunt your friends. Deliver clues in any number of creative ways. They won't get your wine until they can bust the cryptex code.

This wine cryptex fits many standard 750 ml bottles. Included with the easy to read instructions is a bottle size template that will help you select a bottle that will fit.

The cryptex combinations can be repeatedly set, and the brain teaser puzzle "re-gifted," however you just might just want to hang onto it yourself. In addition to it being a great gift, Vino Vault Wine Cryptex can be the center piece to an adult wine tasting party game too.


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