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Van de Graaff Accessory Kit

Van de Graaff Accessory Kit

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Item #3152916


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- Includes 6 Static Electricity Experiment Accessories

- For use with Motorized Van de Graaff #3152915

For Use with Our Motorized Van de Graaff Unit

Whether you are tired of taking a direct zap from the Van de Graaff or you are looking to get more learning and knowledge from your generator this is the kit for you. This kit comes with 6 accessories:

Faraday's Pail - Create first hand one of the most exciting experiments of history to understand the principles of distribution of charge over a metal conductor.

Perspex Cylinder - A strong visualization of a variable electric field, this will capture your attention for hours.

Head of Hair - Tired of being zapped, plug this plume on top of the dome and watch the hair stand on end.

Point Dis-charger - The power to control lightning.

Neon Bulb - An exciting phenomenon to see the electric charge light up the neon bulb. The bulb will only light from the van de graaff up until were you grab the bulb and ground the circuit.

Electric Whirl - See electric energy transformed to mechanical energy with this device.

These accessories may be fixed in 4mm sockets on top of the Van de Graaf sphere.


This accessory kit is made specifically for the Van de Graaff item# 3152915.

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