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The V-8 Combustion Engine

The V-8 Combustion Engine (Click image to enlarge)

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  • Powered by a hand crank, no batteries required
  • For ages 12+.
  • 1/4 Scale Operating Model Kit
  • Revell-Monogram
  • Instructions below!

1/4 Scale Operating Model Kit

Powered by hand crank, no batteries are required. As you turn the crank at your own speed, each of the parts move.

Engine rests on a black stand, which may be painted. Distributor and coil wires are in actual firing order; scale starter and solenoid are mounted on the flywheel housing; the hand crank operates the crankshaft; pistons and valves; rubber belt operates generator, pulleys and fan; fuel pump with operating activator arm and clear fuel bowl. Glue required (not included).

For ages 12+.


SKU 3052854

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