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Twin Lava Lamp Exclusive

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  • Two lava lamps contained in one unit
  • Blue liquid with yellow lava and purple liquid with red lava
  • Scientifics Exclusive!

Two Psychedelic Mind Trips in One Exclusive Design!

Scientifics was there selling lava lamps from their very inception, so now 45 years later we've taken it upon ourselves to combine all the best-selling lava lamp colors into one desktop unit. You'll trip out as the yellow lava oozes and morphs within the blue liquid on one side while red lava does its own thing within the purple chamber on the other.

"Remember what the dormouse said? Feed your Head!" (If you don't recall that lyric, that's ok. It was the '60's, man!)

AC powered. Product measures 16" x 4.5" x 2.25".

For ages 14+.

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