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  • Simple-to-use math device that breaks down complex math concepts like trigonometry, geometry and experimental design
  • Explore angulation, distance with Pi, star mapping the night sky, and conduct multi-factorial experiments with a catapult
  • Get real-life, hands on experience with math concepts that often seem distant and can be hard to understand

Surveyor’s Wheel + Astrolabe + Catapult = WOW!

Trigmate is the world's first simple-to-use math device that breaks down complex math concepts like trigonometry, geometry and experimental design into 3 simple steps: AIM-MEASURE-DISCOVER. The kid-friendly guide gets them started while the downloadable handbook takes the lessons to a higher level.

This great hands-on wood device allows kids to explore angulation, distance with Pi and star mapping the night sky, and to conduct multi-factorial experiments with a catapult! A perfect tool for students in 3rd Grade to 10th Grade.

Measures 12" x 7.5" x 2". For ages 8+.

Complete set includes:

- Trigmate Device
- Quick, Kid-Friendly Guide
- Catapult Attachment
- Pendulum and String
- Reflector
- Downloadable Handbook PDF
- Trigonometry Table
- Astrolabe Latitude Plate Inserts


Trigmate is perfect for classrooms, camps, libraries, virtual learning and STEM activities. Trigmate helps kids apply math concepts as well as breakdown and visualize abstract concepts like trigonometry and experimental design in a fun, tangible way.

It works great in math stations, applied science studies, introducing math principles, and for learning engineering and architectural concepts. Trigmate is hands-on (no screens or batteries needed), easy to use in 3 simple steps, and the application of math is all right there in front of you.

Kids retain and excel in STEM subjects when they apply them through exploring their natural surroundings. Trigmate helps kids ages 8 to 16 to intuitively apply and configure math and engineering in the real world.

Whether your kid excels or struggles in Math, Trigmate is great tool in their learning kit. It makes math fun, easy and hands-on. It’s designed by parents with kids in mind, and simplifies applying geometrical measurements such as length, distance and angles to real world objects. It furthers the application of these variables in Triangulation, Trigonometry and Experiment Design.

Its great for STEM classroom and homeschool activities. The 3 step AIM-MEASURE-DISCOVER method aids them to explore their immediate surroundings while applying concepts. It enables natural discovery and STEM learning intuitively. With Trigmate, they can easily visualize math and engineering theories in real time.


Angles are commonly measured in two methods: degrees and radians. With Trigmate, both these methods can be applied to real world objects. Using the scope, dial and gravity string, the angles can be easily measured on the vertical and horizontal plane. The Trigmate also houses a bubble level measure to help an advanced user record accurate measurement.


Trigmate’s out dial is a surveyor’s wheel or trundle wheel. It is marked in inches from a reference position. It is designed so the circumference of the wheel is equal to two feet. This introduces kids to not only distance measurements but also the broader understanding of circle and area calculations, and of course, the relationship of pi and its various applications.


On the back side is a full Astrolabe. Once kids have mastered angle and distance measurements using the scope and dials. they can venture to taking measurement and mapping the night sky.


Kids learn the mechanics of projectiles with the catapult attachment. They’ll also get to design and execute simple to multi-factorial experiments. The handbook walks them through how to set, record their factors and conduct inferences from completed trials.

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Age Range 8 And Up
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