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The Tornado In A Jar

The Tornado In A Jar (Click image to enlarge)

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Pet Tornado in a Jar

The Wicked Witch Didn’t Stand a Chance…

A tornado is a violently rotating column of air situated between a cumulonimbus cloud base and the surface of the earth. Though tornadoes can come in many shapes, they are typically portrayed as a funnel, with a large cloud of dust at the base. A longtime fascination and regular occurrence in America during ‘tornado season’ between March and November, it’s never been a good idea to get too close to a tornado until now!

Observe one of nature’s most destructive forces up close and personal – from the safety of outside the bottle! Simply shake the bottle clockwise and watch the tornado form. This is a must for any weather or disaster enthusiast and an interesting, hands-on way to learn.

For Ages 4+.

SKU 3038835

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