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Thunder Tube

Thunder Tube (Click image to enlarge)

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Is that the Sound of a Thunder Storm Approaching? Of Aliens Communicating?  No, it's the Thunder Tube!

Your ears will never be the same again!

This ingenious contraption is both captivating and entertaining. It consists of a resonating cylinder with a drum head at one end. Inside, an 18" metal spring is attached to the drum head's center. When the tube is shaken with the spring hanging down - whoa! - a surprisingly realistic (and incredibly loud) sound of thunder results.

Use your free hand to cover the tube's open end and you can produce a scary "wah-wah" sound. Lightly tapping the spring on a hard surface produces a a sound similar to that of a jaw harp. Experiment and come up with your own sounds - your neighbors are going to go berserk!

Measures approximately 7 x 3 inches, requires no batteries.


SKU 3081241

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