The Magnetic
Platform of Impossibility

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  • A mesmerizing tensional integrity build kit
  • Two magnets providing a network of tension
  • High quality cables and aluminum plates

An Unreal Exhibition of Engineering and Magnetism

At a glance, this metal platform seems to be floating thanks in part to the magnetic power integrated into its design. This table functions under tensional integrity and appears to be levitating in mid-air due to the two magnets that seemingly defy gravity between the two plates. Made with precision CNC parts and anodized aluminum, the tensegrity table will give some flare to any of your collectible figures, models or just an empty coffee cup!

Also known as a 'floating compression structure', the Magnetic Tensegrity Table kit can hold up to half a pound with a 2 mm magnetic gap. Narrowing that gap will increase the weight load slightly. Assembly required - approximate 30 minute build time. Includes 38 parts.

Measures 3.6” diameter and 4.96” high. For ages 14+.

NOTE: available only in RED.

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Price Range $75 - $100
Age Range Adults

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