The Magnetic Flux Deluxe

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  • Lenz’s Law demo for lovers of magnets and magic
  • 1 copper tube with leather strap and a single magnetic sphere
  • Includes walnut desktop stand

Trick Gravity with Magneto-Dynamics

Grab this high-grade 3” copper tube and drop the large metal magnet ball inside it. The ball should fall right through the tube and immediately hit the ground, right? Instead it descends ever so slowly inside. The ball seems to be almost floating momentarily. You can feel its weight even though you have no physical contact with it. It’s Lenz’s Law in action! The unique magnetic force that slows down the ball will leave you speechless!

No batteries or gadgets involved- just the beauty of real physics. Feel Flux is for lovers of magnets and magic! This high-end demonstration includes 1 pure copper tube (machined with aircraft grade CNC) wrapped in a premium suede leather strap, 1 large magnetic sphere plus a walnut desktop display stand. For ages 14+.

The Science Behind Feel Flux

There is an uncommonly known rule of magneto-dynamics that powers this special phenomenon called Lenz’s Law. As the super strong magnetic ball falls below, it creates a changing magnetic field. According to the law of induction, this induces electric current inside the wall of the tube. That in turns generates an additional magnetic field. This magnetic field repels and slows down the ball – every time!

This breaking force is only present when the two components are moving against each other. When you hold them still, you feel no attraction or repulsion. This contradicts what most people have experienced about magnets.

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