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The Candy Caper A Crime Scene Detective Kit

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  •  Solve a forensic mystery story
  •  Perform real-life forensic, chemistry, and biotechnology experiments
  •  Five 9V Batteries and Candy (M&Ms™ regular or peanut) not included.
  •  For ages 14+

Get ready to crack cases and bring criminals to justice with The Candy Caper – A Crime Scene Detective Kit.

Conduct your own crime scene investigation with this innovative science kit. The full-color instruction booklet includes a mystery story that will guide aspiring young scientists through a series of experiments to solve the case of the stolen cell phones. After solving the case, they’ll discover more science experiments to further develop their science sleuthing skills. You supply the five 9V Batteries and candy (M&Ms™ regular or peanut). For ages 14+.





Your Mission: Using this kit, you will perform real-life forensic, chemistry and biotechnology experiments. You will also engineer your own electrophoresis [ee-lek-tro-for-ee-sis] gel box (one of the main pieces of equipment used in all forensic labs) to separate, view and analyze samples found at the crime scene. With the data you collect, you will identify the suspects and crack the case.



The Candy Caper Kit includes:

  • Full-color instruction booklet
  • Beaker, 50 ml
  • Two test tubes
  • Five measuring cups, 30 ml
  • Red and Black Alligator leads
  • Six paper clip electrodes
  • Two pipets
  • 6-well gel comb
  • Agar, 2g
  • FD&C Dye Mix, 300 µl
  • 10X Multipurpose solution
  • Gel box
  • Test tube holding container

 Five 9V Batteries and Candy (M&Ms® regular or peanut) not included.

WARNING! — This set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Read cautions on individual containers carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.

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