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- 30 gross experiments for hours of extreme fun

- Featuring a motorized toilet bowl mixer with sounds

- For ages 8+

- CWIST For It!

30 Gross (but Fun) Experiments for Kids

Chemistry has rarely been this disgustingly gross or fun! Featuring a "gross-tastic" lab journal detailing 30 experiments, this kit allows kids to create stinky bubbles, fake boogers, maggot-shaped squishies and much more. And if that doesn't gross 'em out then the motorized toilet bowl mixer with sounds definitely will! Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

For ages 8+.



- Toilet bowl mixer with flushing sounds

- Trash can beaker

- 2 "toxic waste' can beakers

- Bubble wand

 3 gross molds

- Worm stir stick


SKU 3153343

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