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Test Tube Wonders

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  • Build a bead bracelet that changes color with the power of the ultraviolet light from sun
  • Uncover the secret behind a Baby Soda Bottle and then build a Rainbow Tube with a batch of water absorbing crystals
  • Dive deeper into the educational world of polymers while you experiment with Magic Sand and Insta-Snow. Just add water and watch the faux snow fluff up right in your hands

15 Great Activities in One Little Bag!

Learn the secret of the Giant Test Tube. Make up a pile of Insta-Snow;. Experiment with water-proof sand. Use the sun to make white beads instantly change colors. Grow a test tube dinosaur. Learn how to make water disappear. Make squishy jelly crystals, color them and make your own rainbow tube. For ages 8+.


Activity List:

  1. What is Light
  2. Energy Bead Bracelet
  3. Experiment with Light
  4. Growing Dinosaur
  5. Baby Soda Bottle Discovery
  6. The Big Thirst
  7. Dry It
  8. Salt, Anyone?
  9. Don’t Get Wet!
  10. Instant Snow
  11. A Magical Way to Amazing and Fool Your Friends
  12. Magic Sand
  13. Rainbow Crystals
  14. Rainbow Tube

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Age Range 8 And Up

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