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Super Wave Form Helix with Stand

Super Wave Form Helix with Stand

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- The longest wire helix toy that you've probably EVER seen!

- Great for classroom demonstration of wave principles.

The Longest Coil Toy On The Market Today

If you are in the market for super huge slinky you are probability in engaged in one fo the following:

1. You need to demonstrate wave properties in an easy fashion


2. You are planning a climb an Aztec temple or Machu Picchu.

This wave form helix is designed to take things to the extreme, stretch the length of buildings or bount huge steps. Most use it to show standing and transverse wave properties due to its great length and mass. How long is it? Hold the tail end of the coil securely. Have a friend take the other end out of the room, down the hallway and out your front door. Now start walking down the sidewalk. Yeah, that's right - keep going... Extra length allows students more time to observe wave behavior.

This helix stands 20 cm when compressed and comes with wooden display stand.

*Please note: this is not an official Slinky product.

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