Steve Spangler's String Slime MEGA Kit

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  • Slime like you’ve NEVER seen before!
  • No glue... no borax... no messy mixing
  • Our kit creates over 120 feet of String Slime

Oodles & Oodles of Stringy, Slimy Fun!

Make a stringy slime like you’ve never seen before in 4 colors (yellow, blue, pink & clear) without any glue or Borax or messy mixing! Just mix-up the activator solution and squirt a String Slime color into the liquid. The instant the two liquids touch, you get solid String Slime! Remove the strings from the bowl and you’re ready to play. Snap the string in half to reveal the gooey center. Just dip the ends into the activator solution to seal it back up.

Our MEGA Kit creates over 120 feet of String Slime. Includes String Slime Activator Powder (1.06oz), squirter, tank and 4 instruction cards.

For ages 6+.

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Price Range $25-$50
Age Range 6 And Up

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