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Steam Engine with Workshop

Steam Engine with Workshop

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An Complete Industrial Worksite For Your Desktop

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This all-in-one display of 16 functioning workshop tools is powered by a 15" capacity live steam engine with a mirror polished, and nickel-plated boiler. Any handyman or engineer will enjoy displaying this well-crafted industrial worksite seated atop a finely-painted metal base plate.

A miniature powerhouse, this toy dynamo display features a double action reversible brass cylinder, spring loaded safety valve, additional steam whistle with chain, steam regulator, 3.25" diameter flywheel with grooved pulley, sturdy attractive die cast piston rods, a centrifugal governor, steam jet oiler, and railing. The boiler engine is housed in embossed brick-like walls, surrounded by two footbridges and a ladder. When condensed water is fed through a tank hidden behind the boiler house, a chimney smokes realistically, completing this mechanic scene.

Requires denatured alcohol for fuelling, not included. Also requires Esbit Dry Fuel Tablets, available separately. Height including smoke stack: 11". Weight: 6 lbs. 10 oz.

Caution: Live steam engine

CAUTION: This steam engine or accessory requires the use of a live flame for running. For safety reasons this product must be used under strict adult supervision. It is not recommended for any use under the age of 14.

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