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Sonic Rocks from Scientifics

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- Sonic Rocks - a Scientifics classic!

- The perfect toy for 'fidgiters'

- Complete with their own carry case

Magnetic Toys That Are Sure to Amuse Any Adult!

Sonic Rocks are a set of magnetic orbs that provide hours of fun and entertainment. Definitely a toy for the "fidgeter" - you can spin them, balance them pinch them and more!

To send these magnetic mysteries spinning in the air, clasp the Sonic Rocks between your thumb and two fingers. Next, squeeze them gently to send them spinning, producing a musical whistle.

For other fun tricks, try spinning them from one hand into the other! To balance the Sonic Rocks, hold one above the other in the palm of your hand. Move the top Sonic Rock downwards slowly until the bottom one can stand on its own and swing like a metronome.Try hanging one Sonic Rock from the other to create a pendulum. With these magnetic wonders, there are countless ways to play.

We know there are a lot of different "spherical-shaped magnets" on the market now, and some are less expensive. We at Scientifics , choose these as our Sonic Rocks for our customers because they are the biggest, most durable, make the best noise and come with an excellent carry case. For ages 14+.

They are worth the money.

Size: 2.25"H x .75"W



More Information
Age Range Teens
Subject Geology
Price Range $10-$25

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