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Set Of Happy & Unhappy Balls 1" Diameter

Set Of Happy & Unhappy Balls 1" Diameter

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A Marvelous Thought-Provoker!

These two 1" diameter balls look and feel alike, so common sense says they should act alike, right? That's certainly not the case with these enigmatic balls. The Happy Ball is made of neoprene, a common ball material, and will act like you would expect it to: it will bounce when dropped, demonstrating an elastic collision.

The Unhappy Ball is made out of a less common material, norbornene, which has great collision absorption properties. Therefore, when dropped, the ball will absorb all of the impact and demonstrate a perfectly inelastic collision.

Great for an in class demonstration or a party trick, these balls are sure to leave people guessing!

Fact sheet on physical and chemical properties, plus experiments for classroom use are included.


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