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Scarab Thinking Putty

Scarab Thinking Putty (Click image to enlarge)

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Scarab Thinking Putty

- Incredible color shifting illusions
- Makes a great birthday or holidy gift
- Perfect desk or silly office toy

Thinking Putty is a crazy, non-toxic substance that you can stretch, bounce, shape, tear, and shatter! The Thinking Putty can help to reduce your stress and you'll have fun doing it. It's a lot more useful than doodling because your hands get a workout as well!

Scarab Thinking Putty shimmers like the Scarab beetle of ancient Egypt, the soothing Blue has Cerulean highlights and morphs into a royal purple right before your eyes!

Scarab looks its best in direct sunlight and is specially designed so that even under office lights, the endless color play keeps your eyes guessing and your mind whirling for hours and hours!

For Ages 3+.

SKU 3097005

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