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Rookie Solar Racer

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- Simple, educational and inexpensive DIY solar kit

- Assembled measurements 2.1" x 1.9" x 2.7"

This item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE from the manufacturer

Perfect Project for Science Fairs or After-School 

This fun 20+ piece solar kit is a great little activity for a summer's day, day camp or science club. Solar activated, this product works best in under direct sunlight but for indoor fun can be powered from the light of a 50 watt halogen (not fluorescent light). Requires the use of a Phillips head screwdriver and a long nose pliers (not included). Assembled: 2.1" x 1.9" x 2.7". For ages 8+ (with adult supervision). 





The Rookie Solar Racer possesses all the qualities of a quality teaching tool: strength, power, speed, building, and cost effectiveness. Strength – supported by a strong metal base. Power –harnessed by the most powerful and efficient source of energy…the sun. The photovoltaic cell (solar panel) converts the sun’s energy directly into electrical energy. Speed – backed by a lightweight design possesses amazing quickness with a catch me if you can attitude. Building – ideal for a do-it-yourself science fair, after-school, or summer workshop project with the bonus gift of learning how automotive transmission and motors work.A key cog in the development of a child’s mind; experts believe that the retention of child’s learning experience is multiplied if they can coordinate reading with actual hands on experience. Cost effectiveness – they are affordable alternative to other high priced players. Plus, it's really fun!



SKU 3153561

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