Resonance Bowl

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  • Bowl measures 15" in diameter and is 6" deep
  • Includes teacher's guide for the use and understanding of resonance
  • Use of a rubber mat (Item #3153621) is recommended for optimal effect (not included)

Create Your Own Dancing Water Fountain Display

Due to the vibrations caused by the rubbing of the handles, the water surface begins to ripple around the rim. Soon water drops shoot up, quickly becoming continuous streams, like tiny fountain jets. The water droplets and jets grow and diminish with each rub of the handle.

Use the Resonance bowl to demonstrate the behavior of waves and their interactions. It is believed to generate the precise frequencies needed to produce standing waves - the spouts of water rise from these waves. With practice, you should have the water spraying up to 20" out of the bowl!  A teacher's guide is included. Bowl measures 15" in diameter and is 6" deep.


For maximum effects, we recommend the purchase of the resonance mat (item# 3153621) - not included. Because of the material and design, this mat helps prevent slipping and allows for larger standing waves by preventing vibrations from transferring to the table. A damp, folded bath towel may also work. Please note: your hands must be thoroughly cleaned and  the handles wiped with isopropyl alcohol prior to use.

The rubbing of the palms against the metal also creates a peculiar sound unique to this product. Don't be surprised when anyone within hearing distance becomes immediately intrigued by the strange intonation it produces!

The Chinese Spouting Bowl first appeared in the Han Dynasty (202 BC - AD 9). Four “Han” dragons can be seen in the bottom of the basin, spraying streams of water up the sides of the bowl. It is said that the bowl was a kind of plaything for nobles, gifted scholars and socialites in the Ming Dynasty. It was believed to foster happiness, prolong life and increase strength.

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