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Reinventing Edison Build Your Own Lightbulb Kit

Reinventing Edison Build Your Own Lightbulb Kit

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Retrace the steps of Edison
Create your own unique light bulb and have fun learning about:
  • Electricity and Light
  • Properties of Matter
  • Scientific Method

  • Create Your Own Unique Light Bulb

    Retrace the steps of Edison and other inventors as you build a working light bulb using the filament materials of your choice. Learn about electricity, light, properties of matter, energy, and the scientific method. A great project for a science fair, you can test the effects of vacuum on the life of your bulb.

    . Concepts Taught by this Science Kit

        -Electricity and Circuits (uses and effects)
        -Light (light intensity, spectral emissions)
        -Properties of Matter (change)
        -Energy (electricity to light and heat)
        -Air Pressure (how a pump works)
        -The scientific method
        -History of the Light Bulb and Edison (and Swan!)
        -Invention and the Inventive Process

    Included in this kit:

        Safety vacuum chamber, hand vacuum pump,
        filament materials including tungsten and carbon,
        test leads, 28 page instruction manual.

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