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Puzzle Pod Cryptex

Item #3153316


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- Set your own personal code

- Easy to re-set the combination

- Design your own treasure hunt game

- Also works as a coin bank

- Includes one re-usable canister cryptex

Your Next Gift Becomes an Adventure

Make 'em earn their gift this year by unraveling the clues to a riddle and using the answer to unlock this unique gift cryptex! The Cryptex unlocking code can be set to any five letter word of your choice. They won't get their gift until they discover the answer to break your code. The Cryptex also can be used as a coin and money bank. Looking for a unique treasure container? The Cryptex would be perfect for your next indoor scavenger hunt ! Includes 1 reusable canister cryptex. Depth of canister: 7 3/4". Opening diameter: 2 3/4". Perfect for concert tickets, gift cards, jewelry boxes, cash, checks, or even car keys!


*Note:If you need to lock up a wine bottle, we suggest our VINO VAULT WINE CRYPTEX (item # 3152911)

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