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Professional Geiger Counter

Professional Geiger Counter

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Geiger Counter, Professional Detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma & X-Ray

Professional Grade Radiation Detector for Educational Purposes

Top quality survey meter for field and laboratory use. This is an industrial device designed for checking the radioactive contamination of work areas, personnel and instruments.

Please note:

All Geiger counters sold by Scientifics Direct are for educational purposes only. They will measure different types of radiation including alpha, beta, gamma, and X-rays, but they should not be used for any health, safety or medical purposes, or to determine a human being's safety in an area that is suspected of radiation exposure.

Our Geiger counters will detect different types of radiation, but unless you know how to properly calibrate them and interpret the data, these Geiger counters should not be used to determine safe or unsafe levels of radiation exposure. Designed for use by trained professionals.


  • Four Range 0-200 mR/hr Thin End Window Probe Survey Meter (Optional dial in uSv/hr)
  • Audible Click Style Speaker with On/Off Switch
  • Fast/Slow Response Switch
  • Rugged Two Piece Nylon Reinforced Case
  • 3.5" Rugged Metal Meter Movement
  • Meter Scale in Both mR/hr and CPM (Optional uSv/hr and CPM)
  • Ranges: 0-200, 0-20, 0-2 and 0-0.2 mR/hr (Optional 0-2000, 0-200, 0-20 and 0-2 uSv/hr)
  • Neon and Halogen Filled Thin End Window Probe, Alpha above 3.5 MeV, Beta Above 50 KeV, Gamma and X-Ray above 6 KeV. Gamma Sensitivity: 1500 CPM/mR/hr for Cs-137
  • Individual Calibration Potentiometers For Each Range
  • Regulated High and Low Voltages
  • Operates on Two "D" Cell Batteries
  • 4.4"W x 7.75"L x 8"H  Including Probe and Handle
  • 4 Pounds, 4 Ounces with Batteries



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