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Pop-up Butterfly Cage 12"

Item #3155373

$9.95 $6.93

Available for giftwrap!

- Quality 12" butterfly net enclosure

- Note: Butterfly caterpillars are not included inside these habitats.

- Read the copy below to see how you can order Pink Lady Butterfly caterpillars direct from a 3rd party supplier

Give the Gift of Metamorphosis

Witness the wonder of the butterfly life cycle with this child and insect friendly habitat.  Available in 2 sizes- 24” or 12" tall, these reusable butterfly pavilions are the perfect indoor environment for young entomologists to raise butterflies.

Pop-up Butterfly Cage 12"


Note: Butterfly caterpillars are not included inside these habitats.

*Live caterpillars are available separately for an additional charge of $13.49. Caterpillars are NOT ordered from or shipped by Scientifics Direct.  Payment via check, money order or credit card will be to a third party. Complete ordering information is shipped with the empty cage.

Here’s How It Works:

Complete live caterpillar ordering information is included with the purchase of each habitat. Once the temperature in your area is above 40F but below 85F, using the certificate that comes with your habitat, you may then order, and pay for, your live caterpillars to be delivered to you.

When weather conditions in your area are in the proper range, place your caterpillar order. For an additional charge of $13.49, you will be mailed:

  • 5 live Painted Lady Caterpillars in a Covered Cup with food
  • Guaranteed! 3 out of every 5 caterpillars to become happy adult butterflies
  • Mister to mist the chrysalis and butterflies
  • 2 Packets of sugar to make a feeding solution for the butterflies 
  • Eye Dropper - to dispense the sugar solution 
  • Butterfly feeder with cotton wick
  • Detailed instructions and a coloring page
  • Shipping & Handling (a $7.95 value!) is included in this cost
  • Allow two weeks for delivery of your caterpillars
  • Caterpillars can be shipped to a PO Box  

Butterfly Care Information: You will need to supply water and a small bowl to mix and store the sugar solution plus pieces of fruit. Butterflies like watermelon, banana, and orange! You can release them outside after observing them when it’s over 50F.

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