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  • Keep the physical embodiment of Pi on your desk
  • Heavy-duty and handmade, this is more than just a brass paperweight
  • Spin it on your desk and watch as PiTop puts on a hypnotic sound and light show

The Physical Embodiment of Pi

Engage with the physical embodiment of Pi on your desk! This handmade, brass medallion is more than an elegant paperweight that displays the first 109 digits of Pi. Spin this heavy, executive desk toy as you would a coin and watch as the PiTop puts on a hypnotic sound and light show.

The PiTop will spin, but it will also roll on its edge. As it continues, it will lose energy to friction causing the spinning surface to decrease while also decreasing the spin frequency. Paradoxically, the rolling frequency will increase to the point where it seems to increase without limit right before it finally stops.

The PiTop is also designed with a thickness that is equal to the radius divided by Pi.  Physics principles and design meet to bring you the physical embodiment of Pi.

*Please Note: The mirror shown in the video is NOT INCLUDED

Included inside the gift box:

  • 1-Medallion (2" diameter, 1"radius, thickness = i / pi or approx 0.31"). Weight 4.8 oz.
  • 1- Cloth slipcase for Pi medallion

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