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Periodic Table Cartoon Poster

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- Measures 36" x 24" in full color

- Brilliant way to combine serious knowledge with serious fun

Bridging the Worlds of Science and Popular Culture

"The periodic chart is the gateway to biology, chemistry and physics, because it is to science what the alphabet is to language; the fundamental-first steps that all people must take on the path to understanding the laws of science."

These are the words of Zak Zych, the illustrator behind the Cartoon Periodic Table of Elements. Fifteen years in the making, this 24" x 36" full color wall chart creatively bridges the worlds between science and popular culture. You'll find his unique mash-up of science and art to be playful, memorable, and thought provoking for young and old alike.

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Also available for younger children, the "First 18 Elements" cartoon poster (item# 3153299)  is the perfect way to introduce young learners to the Periodic Table.

SKU 3152887

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