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Patriotic Blue Star

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Proudly display this Patriotic Blue Star to represent a loved one serving in the US military. This light sculpture is one of many available in our online store.

Connect With Loved Ones Serving Our Country
Since World War I, families all over North America have displayed the Blue Star Banner in representation of a service member in active duty. The banner was proudly displayed until their safe return.

A modern day development on this banner, the Patriotic Blue Star is an interactive light sculpture. Simply touch the glass, and watch as the light travels to your fingertip, symbolically connecting you to that someone special far away from home.

Combining mesmerizing plasma light along with a sculpted metal star, this dramatic light stands proudly for all Americans serving in the US military and is a touching homage to the classic service banner.

Alter the intensity of its light from a single soft-glowing star to a thunderstorm of illumination. A touching gift for those with family members in the military, this light sculpture is an homage to their service and patriotism.

SKU 3151839

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