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The Mysterious Magnet Tube

The Mysterious Magnet Tube

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The Mysterious Magnet Tube

Discover the Mysteries of Magnetism

The Mysterious Magnet Tube is a sealed 4" x 3" round acrylic viewing tube that is filled with 1.3 oz of iron filings. Doesn't seem very interesting you say?

The catch is that inside the viewing tube, in a sealed holder, lies a super-strong Alnico Cow Magnet. The magnet is so strong that it attracts the iron filings creating a large amorphous shape that looks like it has just been electrocuted! Now if that doesn't "attract" attention, who knows what will?

The magnet can be moved up and down to change the position of the iron filings really demonstrating the properties of magnetism. The Mysterious Magnet Tube is ideal for science demonstrations or simply for the curious.

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Age Range 5 And Up
Subject Magnets
Price Range $10-$25

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