My First Lab Prepared Slides Set (72 Specimens on 24 Slides)

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  • 72 unique specimens (prepared on 24 plastic slides- 3 specimens per slide)
  • Perfect collection for beginner (up to age 15)
  • Tremendous value!

72 Unique Specimens Prepared for Examination  

These high-quality, shatterproof plastic slides are prepared with unique specimens designed for introductory microscope use. Containing 72 unique specimens (prepared on 24 slides- 3 specimens per slide) this eclectic set is color coded by category which includes plants, insects, food, human and animal blood cells, construction materials, household products, and more.

At the beginner to intermediate biology level, these slides are ideal for children 8 and up, and are perfect for classes, home schooling, or just for fun!

Specimens include:

Algae: Hydodictyon, Cladophora, Red Alae (Agar), Spirogyra

Blood: Bird blood, Cat blood, Chicken blood, Cow blood, Frog blood, Human blood, Pig blood, Rabbit blood, Sheep blood

Building materials: Brick, Concrete, Plaster, Rust, Sand, Sawdust

Condiments: Salt crystals, Sugar crystals, Ground pepper

Feathers and Hair: Cat hair, Chicken feathers, Duck feathers, Human hair, straight/curly, Pigeon feathers, Sheep hair

Fibers: Cotton fiber, Dyed cotton, Nylon, Silk

Insect antennae: Butterfly antennae, Honeybee antennae, Locust antennae

Insect feet: Backswimmer foot, Cockroach foot, Locust foot

Insect larvae: Mosquito pupa, Mosquito larva, Silkworm larva

Insect wings: Butterfly wing, Fly wing, Honeybee wing, Mosquito wing

Leaves: Broadbean leaf, Corn leaf, Corn silk, Leaf vein, Maple leaf, Onion leaf, Pine leaf, Stellate leaf, Willow leaf

Miscellaneous: Ant, Drosophila, Laver (seaweed), Letter “e”, Silver berry hairs, Tree gum

Pollen: Hibiscus pollen, Lily pollen, Pine pollen, Pumpkin pollen, Typhae pollen, Sunflower pollen

Powders: Dust, Make up base, Pencil powder

Starches: Wheat starch, Cornstarch, Potato starch

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Age Range 8 And Up
Subject Microscopes
Price Range $10-$25

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