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Motor Driven Van de Graaff

Motor Driven Van de Graaff

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- 10 inch diameter dome

- Generates 6-10cm sparks

- High quality electro static generator

 Bring The Shocking Science Museum Experience Right Into Your Home

Our motorized Van de Graaff with the 10" dome and fully adjustable features such as belt tracking, collecting comb placement and high density silicon rubber belts will provide you with the absolutely most 'hair-raising' experience of your life! These adjustable features make it possible to generate a static charge even in the most difficult of environments (ie. higher humidity).

The Van de Graaff will produce 100,000 - 400,000 Volts depending on the humidity and ambient conditions. An average spark generated is 6-10cm, in dry conditions we have seen sparks up to 24-30cm. Specifically designed for electrostatic experiments where a continuous source of high voltage is required. AC motor runs a direct drive shaft to the charge collecting belt. Belt is made of silicon rubber for long use.

Belt can be easily adjusted for precise tracking to generate the most efficient electrostatic charge.

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