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Molecular Mojito DIY Kit

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- Create 3 different Molecular Mojito recipes

- Includes 10 additives, 2 essential tools, and 1 silicon mold

Liven Up the Traditional Mojito with this Bartender's Chemistry Kit

Combining citrus and mint flavors, Cuban highballs called Mojitos are arguably the perfect summertime alcoholic refreshment. Now you can liven up your Caribbean cocktails with this do-it-yourself bartender's chemistry kit. Create 3 different Mojito recipes that are sure to make you believe you are chil-laxing at a high end beach resort. This kit will give you all the additives and tools required to create these incredible, drinkable works of art. You supply the rum, lime, sugar and sparkling water.

Kit includes 10 additives, 2 essential tools, 1 silicon mold and complete instructions.

For even more ways to create molecular cocktails, check out the full-size Molecular Mixology kit (item# 3152901) which enables you to create molecular martinis, tequila shots and other futuristic concoctions!

Molecular gastronomy can be defined as the fusion of food science and culinary arts. New technologies and natural texturing agents can now be used to deconstruct any dishes and cocktails, enabling one to serve mojito bubbles and martini bites, as well as balsamic vinegar pearls and chocolate spaghettis.

With the Molecular Gastronomy product line, a word of culinary possibilities is now within your reach!

SKU 3153185

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