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- Interactive robotic dinosaur responds to 10 different hand guestures

- Your dino will interact with you AND his included toy TrackBall

- Purchase 2 MiPosaurs and watch them engage in a prehistoric battle!



MiPosaur - The Future of Prehistoric Robotics

Control this modern-day dinosaur robot with ten different hand gestures.   Download the free app to train, tame and game using your smart device. Or use the included TrackBall to take your MiPosaur for a walk on a virtual leash, play fetch or "dino in the middle", or turn the ball into his favorite new toy.  You can also feed him, watch him dance, or beat-box.  

MiPosaur has a personality and will respond differently depending on the mood he's in - curious, excited or annoyed.  He is also able to sense if there is another MiPosaur nearby, but watch out – you may have a prehistoric battle on your hands!


Packed with dual-wheel balancing, GestureSense, and BeaconSense technologies. Includes 1 MiPosaur (14.5"L x 6"W x 9"H) and 1 TrackBall

Requires 4 AA batteries (for MiPosaur) plus 4 AAA batteries (for TrackBall)  Total 8 AA batteries required- all not included).

For ages 8+.

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Price Range $75 - $100
Age Range 8 And Up
Subject Robotics

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