Mermaid Ceramic Dip
LAVA® Lamp 14.5"

Mermaid Ceramic Dip <br>LAVA® Lamp 14.5"

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  • Blue tinted glass with purple wax
  • Mermaid pattern on base and cap
  • 25W bulb included

Watch as Blobs Swim to the Top

Visually relaxing, the LAVA® Lamp transforms colorful wax into endless, breathtaking patterns. This unique 14.5" tower features a mermaid swirl of blue, purple and green on its aluminum base and cap with purple and blue wax. 

Lava lamps have fascinated and mesmerized onlookers for decades. Combining the warm glow of colorful light and the graceful, slow-moving interaction of lava and gravity, lava lamps cast a relaxing aura about any room.

AC powered with a 25W bulb included.

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