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- Combines magnetism with medieval physics

- Incredible performance, ingenious design

- Laser cut wood kit that you assemble

Perhaps The Most Ingenious Mini-Catapult Kit Ever Devised?

From inventor John Fehr (creator of the 'Levitation Sculpture' -see below) comes the one-of-a-kind Magnetapult- a catapult kit that employs the power of magnetism to launch its payload plastic cannonballs clear across any office cubicle farm.

Once you assemble this laser-cut wood kit, you'll be amazed by the distances achieved by this ingenious mini-device.

The idea behind the Magnetapult is simple: use the repulsion of the magnets to push the arm of the Magnetapult fast enough to launch a ball. However, the repulsion is very finicky, and unless something holds it in place, the magnet will tend to flip over to the attracting side. In order to stop this flipping in the Magnetapult, two adjustments were made: a hole was added for the magnet to slide into to keep it in position, and an iron disc behind it was added. The magnet would rather stick to this disc than flip over and stick to the other magnet.

Assembled model measures 6" x 3". Includes 4 small, plastic, hollow ball projectiles of various size.

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