Lunar Print with Moon Meteorite Specimen

Lunar Print with Moon Meteorite Specimen

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  • Exclusive print and rare specimen mounted behind glass inside a 17” x 14” wood frame
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Exclusive to Scientifics Direct

Prints made and assembled in the USA with imported frame materials

Rare Moon Meteorite Collectible – Limited Edition

The extremely rare specimen included with this exclusive print is a piece of the Moon that was blasted off the lunar surface by an asteroid collision and later landed on Earth. It is sourced from lunar meteorite NWA 6950 discovered in northwest Africa in 2011. The fragment is mounted behind glass inside a 17” x 14” wood frame and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. This Scientifics Direct exclusive is limited to 1,000 pieces.

Lunar meteorites are among the most exotic objects on our planet; about only 0.3% of all meteorites recovered are lunar in origin; more significantly, only about 100 kg of meteorites originating from the Moon are known to exist. A significant percentage of this material is owned by governmental institutions and there is little material in private collections.

NWA 6950 is a gabbro, the coarse-grained, slowly cooled, equivalent of a basalt. NWA 6950 was classified by Dr. Anthony Irving, among the world’s foremost classifiers of planetary material. A total of 1649 g of this meteorite were recovered from Northwest Africa. This is a partial slice of a slowly cooled igneous rock from the Moon.

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